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Change in Loan Origination

Federal student loans used to issued directly through the college or university or through a private lender, backed by the government.   Now however, Federal Stafford loans to students and PLUS loans to parents are no longer issued by private lenders. … Continue reading

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Economic Analysis of Your College Costs

Paying for college is sort of like buying a car or a house.  We often overlook the assoicated costs of the investment.  What does it cost to maintain a home – the yardwork, the pest control, painting, etc.  Do we consider … Continue reading

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A Couple of Thoughts from a College Consultant

I’d like to share a couple of thoughts having been in the college planning business since 1995.   The biggest mistake families make is approaching the application and financial aid process separately.  You can’t separate the two processes.  They affect … Continue reading

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Loan Tips

This time of year, students and families are pondering the loan question.  The fact of the matter is, most students will have to finance some or all of their education.  The College Board provides the following tips when considering student loans.  … Continue reading

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Paying for College in Today’s Economy

This Wall Street Journal Article addresses the dire straights that 529 Plans are in and how it is affecting families’ abilities to cope with college costs. EDUCATION OCTOBER 16, 2008 College Savers Stuck in Stocks as Market Falls IRS Rule … Continue reading

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Student Loans

Deciding which loans are best for the family depends on these different factors:   1  Who will repay the loan   2  Repayment terms   3  Tax bracket   4  Cost of getting the loan   There are two loans … Continue reading

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